Melts your heart

South India's roving ambassador to the world, created in Sri Krishna Sweets kitchens. Years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste transformed the traditional Mysorepak into the divine Sri Krishna Sweets Mysurpa. As a gift, it melts hearts. As a treat, it melts in the mouth.


  • Rs.155
    1/4 kg
  • Rs.310
    1/2 kg
  • Rs.620
    1 kg

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Some occasions are larger than life. They will remain in memory for years to come, as monuments to relationships that matter. We respect these Legendary moments, and have created the perfect accompaniment. Our Legendary series. The best of life, in a box.


A festival augurs the best of everything sweet and savoury. No matter what the occasion, there's a Sri Krishna Sweets Festivity box that will open up joy, togetherness and unmatched taste.


Life is full of special little moments with your loved ones. Pick up our box of love, snugly packed with your favourite sweet, and relish those moments even more!

Butter karas

The crunchiest nibbles, with the choicest spices, smothered in the smoothest butter. Presenting Sri Krishna Sweets Butter Karas. Two irresistible packs of your choice of traditional savoury eats.